Welcome to the digital home of Amplify Marketing Agency Dubai.

Let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves. Amplify Marketing Agency, initially rooted in the United Kingdom, has expanded its operations to the UAE and Moscow. Our team boasts a combined marketing and digital innovation experience of nearly 40 years, collaborating with prestigious clients such as Generali, GSK, and HSBC. We represent the evolution of marketing agencies, providing comprehensive 360-degree solutions to our clients.

Our journey began with a focus on Below-The-Line (BTL) marketing and packaging. As the digital landscape exploded—marked by the rise of social media, high-speed broadband, and smartphones—our services expanded to meet new opportunities. These advancements allowed us to engage vast audiences quickly, efficiently, and strategically, offering our clients cost-effective alternatives to traditional Above-The-Line (ATL) marketing.

Today, Amplify Marketing Agency stands at the forefront of innovation, integrating classic successful marketing methods with modern creativity and a dash of imagination. Our service offerings now include cutting-edge solutions like Augmented Reality, Interactive Software, Web Development, and Multi-Touch Gesture-Control technologies.

In the coming weeks, we’ll delve deeper into these exciting technologies. For a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished, visit our vimeo channel channel to view some of our latest projects.

Are you looking to share a message or story? Do you need design services, a new website, or brand amplification? Contact Amplify Marketing Agency—we’d love to be your partner in communication.

Welcome to our world at Amplify Marketing Agency—where your brand’s voice is amplified to meet the ears of a global audience.

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